About Studioglow and Neon Artist Koko Jamison

Neon Artist mixing media,  Koko Jamison is the artist behind Studioglow. All of her artwork has been designed and created in her neon studio in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle. She loves creating chandeliers and whimsical sculpture from neon, mixed media, found wood, industrial whatnot & rusted parts found dog walking around the Duwamish River Industrial Area.

Koko, born in Seattle, grew up in Olympia, attended Santa Barbara City College and the University of California, Santa Cruz, to study everything but art. She began working with Neon at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, and has worked in research and design of electric discharge phenomena. In 1994, she opened Studio Glow in Seattle which produces architectural lighting, electrical advertising, and spectacular luminous artworks.  She was so lucky to have spent every summer through the 90′s at Pilchuck Glass School as staff, student and in 1999 co-taught with Willem Volker.  She now lives in Seattle in the industrial kid-filled neighborhood of South Park.

Call  (206) 551-3022 or use our contact form to inquire about price and availability of Studioglow neon artwork and neon signs.