• A Neon studio illuminating with art & signs

    Studioglow creates custom Neon artwork, Neon chandeliers & whimsical Neon sculptures.

  • Mindshare & Collaboration

    Enjoy cooperative projects with other artists, fabricators, business owners and creative minds.  Call with your ideas.

  • Neon Glass Artist

    Koko Jamison’s art has been featured in many Seattle shows. Some of her popular work includes trees, bicycles and television-like “things to stare at”.

Neon Sign Art

  • Custom Neon Sign Art

    Studioglow creates custom neon signs and custom text signs to your specifications: neon art with a practical purpose. These custom signs are currently in use in stores and shops around Seattle and the U.S. Customers include Full Tilt Ice Cream and [...] Dog Training.

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  • Custom Neon Words and Signs

    We create custom neon word and text signs to your specifications. You can see our neon signs in use around Seattle. Customers include [...] Body Piercing, [...] Cycling, Bally Pinball, The […] Cinema in West Seattle, The Trophy Room and many others.

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Interior Lighting

  • Neon Chandelier over the Dining Room Table

    Neon Chandeliers

    Elegant hand bent glass tubes filled with Argon or Neon gas. Ready to hang from a ceiling hook. Plugs into any electrical 120 Volt wall socket.  Interior only.

    Neon Chandeliers Neon Chandeliers Neon Chandeliers Neon Chandeliers Neon Chandeliers

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Neon Art – Wildlife

  • Mixed Media Artwork

    Whimsical sculptures made from Neon, glass, wood, Argon, sticks, Copper, rusted metal parts and whatnot found dog walking around the Duwamish River Industrial Area in my beloved South Park Neighborhood.

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Other Neon Artwork